Microsoft takes on relentless Internet Explorer haters in latest video

To Microsoft's credit, it knows it has to be constantly vigilant with its public image. Internet Explorer has been raked across the coals for years, and no matter what Microsoft does, people seem to be unhappy. This is not to say the browser hasn't earned a lot of this criticism with security vulnerabilities and web standards problems, but sometimes the relentless onslaught of negativity in web comment sections is too much to handle.

Microsoft's latest video shows that sometimes the best a company can hope for is for people to hate them less.

To be specific, the two-minute video follows an IE hater trolling the web to make his feelings known about the web browser. However, each message he posts is soon followed up with messages about improvements and features made to Internet Explorer. The improvements start to get ridiculous, and after IE announces support for the "Karaoke Web Standard," the IE hater relents. He was a Karaoke champion.

Some people are only happy when their specific needs are met, and even then, they might not exactly shower you with praise when you give them what they want. It's a clever ad, especially for people who have to face the wrath of a comments section every single day.

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