Mrs. Claus is naughty and nice in Samsung Galaxy S III spot

Six weeks ago, Samsung sauced up Galaxy S3 marketing with a dad going on a work trip commercial. His girls prepared a video, which the wife beams by touching phones together. She has one, too, but "you probably shouldn't watch it on the plane". A new version is out, with the Clauses, and the plump Mrs. still has spunk. She prepares a video for Santa, "but you probably shouldn't watch it on the sleigh".

What? Will Santa's cheeks burn as red as Rudolph's nose? Mr. Kringle is supposed to reward those kiddies who are nice and give coal to those who are naughty. But what happens to the naughty and nice, like Mrs. Claus? Samsung leaves that to your imagination. But what you can imagine! I know, thinking of Santa and Mrs. Claus in bed together isn't much different than thought of your parents. But, hey, those elves came from somewhere.

The original version has over 10 million views on YouTube, which says something about how well the three-letter "S" word sells. I don't dare use it for concern this post will get content-filtered.

But is Santa too sacred -- after all he's a symbol of goodness to kids -- to put in adult context? Or maybe making Mrs. Claus the one with adult needs is the point, as seen from her appearance last week on Saturday Night Live.

Of course, Santa can give Mrs. Claus, ah, presents 364 days a year. So why shouldn't she remind him the one day of the year he can't?

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