Flipboard comes to Android tablets

I don't much like Flipboard, popular as the app/service may be. But if you do and have a 10-inch Android tablet, there's a new version. It is specifically designed for all screen sizes, although users of 7-inchers could easily get by with the phone app. Now they can expect more, and I admit Flipboard is even prettier on Nexus 7.

But the service isn't customizable enough for my tastes. Sure, you can add more channels, but Flipboard controls sources for the major ones. Your control comes from adding more personalized channels like Google News or your social networks. Also, I find apps like Feedly, or even Google Currents 2.0, to be more visually appealing. Hey, that's just my tastes; I'm not a member of the Flipboard fan club, big as it might be.

"Like the smartphone edition, Flipboard’s Android tablet edition was made for a specific form factor", according to the Flipboard Team. "There’s still the widget for quick access to Flipboard and the ability to share to other apps, but page layouts adapt to a larger variety of screen sizes and aspect ratios. On 10-inch devices, readers can fit more tiles on their Flipboard, making it easier to quickly get to favorite content".

I briefly tested Flipboard for Android on Nexus 10, where there is generous white space and apparent support for the super high-resolution display. If you have the tablet and love Flipboard, enjoy the bragging rights around iPad 3 or 4 friends. (Can you call them that if you love Google's platform and they use iOS?)

Early user response on Google Play is quite positive. Patrick Domenig, who has Nexus 10, gives the app five stars: "Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the tablet version!" Jim Bolla: "Within 10 minutes of use, this experience trumps the official Google Reader, Facebook and Twitter apps". I can't disagree.

Richard carnes "really like[s] this on my Nexus 7, just wish they had a comments section". Flipboard arrived first on iOS, and for many people it is one of the killer apps. For some Android users, tablet arrival means big changes. Andy Rhine: "Now I can sell my iPad".

I promise to give Flipboard another chance. But I don't mind, even prefer, going to different apps specifically designed for their services, rather than pulling all content into one place. I much prefer Google+ or YouTube apps to what Flipboard gives me, for example. And you?

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