Windows RT Jailbreak Tool available, makes running unsigned apps a breeze

Jailbreaking Windows RT just got easy. Merely days after a complicated method to run unsigned apps on Microsoft's tablet operating system was uncovered, there is now an automated method available, dubbed RT Jailbreak Tool. No more messing around with debuggers and assembers.

Compared to the previous method, the RT Jailbreak Tool, dressed as a BAT file, overly simplifies the process such that even inexperienced users can jailbreak Windows RT devices. The prerequisites for running the automated hack are straightforward -- the user has to boot the tablet, log in and "sit on the desktop for about a minute" before opening the RT Jailbreak Tool.

The BAT file then automatically goes through the necessary steps to run unsigned apps, only requiring the user to press the Volume Down key in order to finish the process and validate any prompts that appear.

Using Bochs, an open-source x86 emulator, Twitter user @stroughtonsmith managed to run an "early OS X [Server]" using a VHD file on Windows Surface RT. Other currently known working apps include PuTTY, TightVNC, 7-Zip, Notepad++, Unikey and CrystalBoy (a Nintendo Gameboy emulator), among others.

Judging by the modding community's interest and success stories revealed so far, Windows RT just turned into a hacker's delight. The ability to run mature apps, which are mostly open-source at the moment, is no small feat when the Windows Store app selection is not overly evolved. This will not equate to record sales, but will give Windows RT-powered tablets an ever-so slight boost among enthusiasts. No bad thing.

Right now, Microsoft's worst move is to hinder the jailbreak method. Considering the previous statement released by the software giant, it appears that there are no such plans in the foreseeable future.

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