Travel app Gogobot arrives on Android

There are many fine travel apps for the Android platform, some of which I detailed previously. However, I left out "actual travel apps" in favor of covering more esoteric ones that readers may find useful. But now one of the better services has made its way to the Google mobile devices, with the launch, just now, of Gogobot.

The site has long been a staple on the web and, more recently, on iOS. However, Android customers were left out in the cold until this morning.

The new app provides the ability to search and book a hotel on the fly with filters for real-time hotel pricing and availability, user ratings, hotel class and social recommendations. It also provides information on local attractions and even restaurants, the latter of which can be searched by cuisine, as well as used for booking a table, perhaps saving you from having to use a second app, such as Open Table.

Finally, Gogobot integrates Google Street View to help you find your destination, be it a business appointment, hotel or the location of your next meal. There is even social check-in. The app will be available in German, Italian, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Japanese.

All of this sounds promising, but given that the app has just launched, this is all speculation when it comes to how well it will all work in the wild. I have laid out what has been promised and I like what I have seen, but it will take real-world testing before I am convinced -- I am a skeptic by nature. However, if this could reduce my travel app usage to simply Waze and Gogobot then I will be thrilled. The four-and-half star rating on iTunes gives hope.

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