Record Skype voice or video calls, for free

Ever wanted, or needed, to record a voice or video conversation in Skype? There are plenty of tools out there that will do that for you, but there’s usually a catch. They either cost money or, if they are free, there’s often a limit to what you can record.

Thankfully, there’s a free app just launched for Windows users that allows you to easily record voice and video calls from Skype completely for free, with no limits or catches. It’s ridiculously simple to use, and it’s called, rather aptly, Free Video Call Recorder for Skype

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype, which comes from the DVDVideoSoft stable, takes call recording to new levels of simplicity. All you have to do is choose what you want to record: both sides of a video conversation, your opposite number’s video feed only or just your audio chat. Pick a suitable folder and you’re good to go: just hit the record button to start, then hit pause should you want to miss out a bit, or stop to finish the recording.

Video recordings also stop automatically when you hang up, and won’t start until the video connection has been made; audio recordings are started and stopped manually. Audio conversations are stored in MP3 format, and video chats in MP4 format, but there’s no record of them in Free Video Call Recorder for Skype; instead you need to open up the folder they’re stored in and double-click them to review.

The app is clearly a no-frills one, but it’s effective and does the job admirably. We’d like to see the user being able to choose a different video format in case MP4 doesn’t cut it, but other than that there’s little to complain about here. You should probably let your chat partner know you’re planning to record your conversation with them, though -- the app doesn’t integrate in any way with Skype, and is to all intents and purposes invisible to it, so there’s no warning relayed on your behalf.

Free Video Call Recorder for Skype is a freeware download for PCs running Windows Vista or later (sadly, it’s not XP compatible).

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