Cloud aggregator KiteDesk exits beta, adds iOS app

The vast majority of us use multiple cloud services for email, social media, and file storage, which means having to regularly switch between different websites or apps to access our data. KiteDesk aims to solve that problem by aggregating information from all of the popular cloud services into a single application.

Aimed at busy consumers and professionals, the service presents email messages, social media posts, contacts, calendar events, and files from the likes of Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Facebook and Dropbox, in a single stream and lets you search for, share, and comment on content.

As well as displaying all of the aggregated data in a scrollable list, KiteDesk lets you create on-the-fly contextual cross-service streams by source, user, tags, or search words. So you can view everything emailed, posted, or shared by a particular friend or work colleague, for example.

KiteDesk also provides users with a unified inbox (containing messages from your email and social media accounts), contacts database, events list and a file cabinet for content stored in different cloud lockers.

The service originally launched in October 2012, and as well as losing its beta tag today has rolled out a new iOS app with an Android version planned for the future.

Speaking about the launch, Jack Kennedy, co-founder and CEO at KiteDesk commented: "We are excited to announce availability of both our web and native iOS applications which work in concert to act as your Personal Cloud information manager on any device. With the addition of Yahoo and Facebook integration and more services like LinkedIn underway, we believe that KiteDesk will offer a tremendous value proposition to our users who are looking for a more integrated cloud experience".

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