Geeks rejoice! Windows Phone 8 welcomes Newegg app

For many of you this may not sound like a very big deal -- an app that allows you to buy computer parts from your phone may sound ho-hum. But, when that app comes from Newegg then it may get your attention. The retailer is perhaps one of the favorites on the web for those looking for everything from hard drives to RAM to all sorts of Radio Shack-style accessories.

Today, the company rolled out its official, fully-supported Windows Phone 8 app. Version 1.4 is the first to offer full support for the new Microsoft mobile operating system -- "This is the mobile application. The app allows Windows Phone users to search, shop, read reviews and make purchases", right from the retail giant. This is not the first Newegg app for Windows Phone and there are still a few missing pieces in the puzzle. Sadly, it still lacks some features. For instance, Lockscreen notifications and even a double-wide tile are both lacking. Then again, the new app does bring fast-app resume and it is super quick on loading, per early tests.

Needless to say the app is free -- Newegg expects to make up development costs with no problem, thanks to the ease of making tech purchases. And I am sure they will -- without the app I have spent more than $100 there in the past couple of weeks. Who knows what will happen now.

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