Imagine if you could get a drink at the Genius Bar...

Apple has gone to great trouble to craft its stores and reputation. The company refers to its employees as geniuses, for goodness sake! Taking your device in for repair is alluded to as a visit to the "genius bar". It is an entire ecosystem designed to make the customer feel confident and comfortable when dealing with the company. It is also a setup that lends itself to comedy and U.K. hard cider maker Somersby saw that opportunity.

The company has produced a new one-minute TV spot that portrays the Apple Store as a bar that serves up its cider and the geniuses explain why it is so good. The ad does not so much make fun of Apple (that is what Samsung is for), but instead uses the tech company's concept as a basis for some good tongue-in-cheek humor.

The Somersby ad cleverly works in tech terms such as referring to sipping the cider as "downloading", and manages to include "interface", "wireless", "16-pit and 32-pit" and more.

It's very well done, right down to the line waiting outside before the "bar" opens. Only just released in the past couple of days, it is already racking up the views on YouTube and getting plenty of positive feedback.

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