Using Office in Windows 8? Microsoft wants to help

Every week Microsoft's Office team does a webinar. That is not news, but this week the company is focusing on Office specifically within Windows 8. While perhaps many of you are not yet using the latest versions of Office and Windows, it is pretty much assured that eventually you will be -- assimilation is inevitable.

With that thought in mind, Microsoft's Doug Thomas announces that "if you are working with Windows 8-or your business will be using Windows 8 soon-check out this week's webinar. We will go over shortcuts and quick navigation for keyboard and mouse, plus answer your questions".

If you are expecting an in-depth look at all of this then I recommend you tune down your expectations. Oh, and you will not need to bother bringing a cup of coffee along either, because the webinar is only 15 minutes long. It does promise the basics though, such as using Windows 8 with a mouse and keyboard, the Start screen, keyboard shortcuts and a bit more.

Still, it could provide a useful foundation for those who are new to these platforms. Thomas explains how one can join in -- "if you are on Windows 7 or 8, you will join via the free Lync Web App. For other computers, you may need to call in for audio: 888-320-3585, Conference ID: 84172528". You can head over to the Office site to view other upcoming Office web events.

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