G Data releases 2014 security software

G Data has announced the availability of its new consumer product line, including G Data Antivirus 2014G Data InternetSecurity 2014, and the high end G Data TotalProtection 2014.

And the company is particularly highlighting its new CloseGap technology, which apparently “provides fast, effective protection against computer malware, based on a balanced combination of reactive and proactive malware detection techniques”.

What does that actually mean? We’re not entirely sure. But if you’re looking for something more specific, the entire range now includes an Autostart Manager, a tool to help accelerate your boot times. Essentially it’s an integrated startup delayer-type program, delaying certain autostart program to help your desktop load more quickly.

G Data TotalProtection 2014 also adds a device control option, which allows you to define which external storage drives can be used to read or write data. You can create a rule which allows your own USB drive to back up data, for instance, but other drives won’t be allowed access.

The interface has been completely re-engineered to make it easier to use. We’ve heard that particular claim many times before, but at a first glance the new build does seem to offer real improvements.

And, more generally, G Data says both its BankGuard technology (which protects your online banking and shopping technologies) and behavioural monitoring has been enhanced.

As an upgrade, this isn’t exactly exciting. The device control option is the most interesting addition, but that’s only available if you opt for the top of the range version.

G Data’s antivirus engine remains one of the best, though, coming top of the list (again) in the most recent A V Comparatives File Detection tests. And so if it’s accuracy you’re after, then you might want to sample the new range. 30-day trial editions of G Data Antivirus 2014G Data InternetSecurity 2014, and G Data TotalProtection 2014. are available now.

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