Lumia 920 Windows Phone commercial is the best tech ad in YEARS

Honestly, gadget marketing doesn't get much better than this. Brilliant isn't strong enough to describe how fabulous and memorable is the new spot for Nokia Lumia 920. I showed the commercial to my wife, twice, and she laughed to tears both times -- and giggled for half an hour later.

If you watch nothing else today, make this video the one and only. I'm a sucker for good marketing, and this commercial works well on so many levels -- wedding setting, fanboyism and brilliant physical comedy -- I dare not dissect them and ruin the fun.

Nokia deserves to sell more Lumias for this Microsoft commercial, which deserves lots of airtime. Let's see if this ditty goes viral on YouTube. Now I need to snuff out which advertising analysts track what commercials DVR users choose not to skip. Because this is one to watch. Over and over.

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