Google brings its Web Fonts to the desktop

Google Fonts is a collection of open-source typefaces designed to make websites look more appealing. The set includes fonts with names like Caesar Dressing, Faster One, and Oleo Script Swash Caps.

Starting from today the web giant is making these fonts available for use on the desktop (Windows and Mac). You can use them in your own creations, but just as importantly by having them stored locally on your system, your browser won’t have to download them, which will save a little time. And we all know how important speeding up the web is to Google.

You’ll be able to install and sync all of the typefaces from the directory through SkyFonts, a Monotype tool which automatically updates installed fonts, ensuring you always have the latest versions at hand.

However, if you’d rather download the source files to edit the font data directly, you can do so at the Google Code project.

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