Registry Key Jumper lets you quickly access any registry key

When troubleshooting technical PC problems then it’s likely you’ll often come across references to Registry keys, some of which you’ll want to check out. And usually this means you’ll have to manually launch REGEDIT, before browsing multiple levels until you find the key you need.

Registry Key Jumper, however, offers a simpler route. Once the program is running in the background, you can just select the text of any Registry key, press Ctrl+Alt+X, and REGEDIT will open automatically at the appropriate location.

You can use the program to maintain a list of your most-accessed Registry keys, which can then be accessed with a click. (REGEDIT already has its own Favorites list, of course, but Registry Key Jumper is portable: you can run it, and access your Registry list on whatever PC you happen to be using.)

And the program also has an option to create desktop shortcuts which will launch REGEDIT at any specified key.

Whatever you ask it to do, Registry Key Jumper does its best to help. You can specify your root hive in either the long (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE) or short (HKLM) forms, for instance, and the program will understand. And if, say, you’ve selected HKLM\SOFTWARE\CyberLink\PowerDVD13\KoanBox, but there’s no PowerDVD13 key on this system, Registry Key Jumper will still get you as close as it can (HKLM\SOFTWARE\CyberLink).

In another helpful touch, you can choose your preferred system hotkey from a lengthy selection.

The program isn’t restricted to working with REGEDIT; if you prefer some other tool, then you can point Registry Key Jumper at that, instead.

And there are assorted other options which might come in useful. So you can set up the program window to remain on top of others, say, for easier access. And your Registry favorites can easily be exported, including in HTML, convenient when you need to share them with others.

Despite this, if you only access the Registry occasionally, or you always revisit the same few keys, then there’s no real need to download Registry Key Jumper; the REGEDIT Favorites menu is likely to provide all the functionality you need.

If you regularly spend time troubleshooting other people’s PCs, though, it’s a slightly different story. The program allows you to carry around your own Registry Favorites, share them with others, and access just about any key you like with the absolute minimum of hassle. Check it out.

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