McAfee Mobile Innovations helps you hang onto your devices

The public beta of McAfee's newest mobile security app becomes available to download for Android devices today. Its leading feature is something called Smart Perimeter which addresses one of the key concerns of users, losing your device.

Smart Perimeter works by allowing devices to track each other and alert the user if they stray more than 30 feet apart. If a device goes outside the perimeter an alarm sounds and it's also locked so you have to enter a PIN to re-enable it.

According to McAfee's own research around half of smartphone owners say they would rather lose their wallet than their phone so this software should address their fears -- assuming of course that they have another device about their person to sound the alarm.

Other features in Mobile Innovations include a safe QR code reader that checks codes when they're scanned to ensure that the linked site is safe for browsing. There's also a Data Vault that PIN protects private photos and documents on the device.

Writing on the company's blog Lianne Caetano, director of consumer mobile product marketing at McAfee, says, "The McAfee Mobile Innovations app will help us to obtain users' input on device and web security, as well as strengthen anti-theft and privacy measures to protect personal data."

You can download Security Innovations for free from the Play Store right now or visit the McAfee blog for more information.

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