Microsoft’s EMET 4 adds even more malware-blocking power

Microsoft has announced the final release of version 4.0 of the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (better known as EMET, fortunately), a powerful tool which can help to block exploits malware will commonly use to infect your PC.

The most immediately obvious change is a new focus on ease of use. EMET still isn’t for PC novices, but a new Configuration Wizard does help to get the program set up quickly, while an extended interface gives speedy access to the program’s various features.

Core new features include the option to validate SSL/TLS certificates while browsing with Internet Explorer. EMET’s various mitigations have been strengthened; an "Early Warning Program" can optionally report exploitation attempts to Microsoft, helping the company to more quickly learn of new attacks; and there’s enhanced compatibility with several applications.

EMET 4.0 also includes many smaller, but still welcome tweaks. Wildcard support can speed up the process of choosing applications to be protected, for instance. The RopCheck mitigation has been optimized for significantly better performance, and processes can now be protected even if they don’t have the EXE extension.

Better still, EMET is no longer just some little-known geeks-only app. This release sees it become an official Microsoft tool, with support available for business customers (or anyone with a Premier contract), welcome reassurance that the program really is ready for prime time.

There’s still the potential for running into problems with incompatible software, of course, so it’s wise to download and read the latest user guide, just to make sure you understand the issues.

For the most part, though, EMET 4.0 is an excellent tool which significantly improves your PC’s security, and it’s available for download now.

Photo Credit: Thomas Bethge/Shutterstock

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