Touchy subject -- How do you use Windows 8? [Poll]

Although Microsoft created Windows 8 with touch devices in mind, there weren’t actually all that many Windows friendly touch screen PCs and tablets available at launch.

Since then of course, every manufacturer -- including Microsoft -- has rolled out devices designed to take advantage of the touch features built into the OS. We’ve seen regular PCs with touch screens, tablets, hybrids, and all manner of weird and wonderful variations.

The future, whether you like it or not, is clearly touch, which makes me wonder what the current state of play is. If you’re a Windows 8 user (or Windows 8.1 for that matter), how do you use the operating system? Do you have a regular PC, a touch screen PC, or a tablet?

And if you don't currently have a touch device, are you thinking of getting one in the near future?

Just answer the simple poll, and tell me your thoughts on touch in the comments below.

Photo Credit: lukacs tamas/Shutterstock

Do you use Windows 8 on a touch screen device?

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