Skype 6.6 for Windows and Mac offers video messaging tweaks, squashes bugs

Microsoft has released Skype 6.6 for Windows and Mac, which introduces minor updates to the company's popular chat service that "focus on quality by addressing user feedback and improving ease of use".

Version 6.6 concentrates on adopting consistent entry points for sending video messages across all platforms, plus implementing a number of platform-specific fixes.

Both platforms see the entry point for video messaging change to more consistently match other devices -- now users can click the Share + button to access the video messaging feature for both online and offline contacts. At the same time, the Windows build no longer offers the Video Message button as an alternative to the Video Call one when the contact is offline.

Another video messaging tweak for Mac sees users prompted to send video messages if calls go unanswered for ten seconds.Other Mac improvements include allowing non-administrative users to silently update to future versions, plus a restored quick access button for editing messages during chats – simply click the arrow that appears next to the timestamp when the mouse is hovered over it to do so.

Fixes for the Mac build include one that sees the Reveal File in Finder option pointing to the wrong file when multiple files with the same name were sent via file transfer. Another fix ensures unsent chat messages appear when switching back to a prior conversation. Mac users can also block phone numbers again. One unresolved issue at this time involves messages that are sent to Facebook contacts showing up multiple times.

Seven specific fixes are highlighted in the Windows version, including one that prevented playback of video messages in Windows XP. Another saw Skype crash after resuming a PC from sleep, while a third fix ensures that switching camera no longer stops any in-progress video calls.

Skype 6.6 for Windows and Mac are both available now as freeware downloads. Also available are Skype 4.9 for iPhone and iPad, the updated Skype 4.0 for Android and Skype for Windows 8.

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