Automatically update multiple flash drives with CopyToFlash

Windows utilities developer Foolish IT has released the first version of CopyToFlash, a compact and portable tool which aims to simplify the process of copying content to multiple flash drives.

Launch the program and it first you to specify the folder containing whatever files you’d like to copy, and where you’d like them to go on the destination drive.

Click the "Start Monitoring" button and the CopyToFlash Drive Monitor window appears, waiting for you to connect a USB drive.

As soon as you do, the program automatically copies the files to the drive, telling you to unplug it when this is complete. And all you now have to do is remove one drive, plug in the next, and repeat the process until the job is done.

It doesn’t exactly take a long time to copy files across using Explorer, of course. If you only need to update two or three USB keys then there’s little point launching a separate application.

And there’s also a slightly odd interface issue here. If you’ve finished copying then you might not unreasonably think you can click the Close button on the CopyToFlash Drive Monitor window, but actually you have to click "Stop Monitoring", instead -- the Drive Monitor can’t be manually closed at all. (The window does contain a message saying it can’t be clicked, but if that’s the case then its Close button should probably be removed.)

This is a fairly trivial detail, of course; you’ll figure out how to use the program in seconds; and if you do ever need to bulk copy content to flash drives then CopyToFlash’s zero-click approach should make the process much quicker and easier.

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