Qualcomm imagines a world without mobile phones

Most people can think back to a time when we didn’t have mobile phones, so imaging a world without them isn’t too much of a stretch.


But Qualcomm has created an amusing video seemingly set in an alternate reality where all the products and services we use today -- ranging from email, Facebook and Twitter, to video and games -- still exist, but smartphones and tablets don’t.

In Qualcomm’s world, watching videos on the go is only possible if you lug your TV set with you, tweets arrive as messages tied to the feet of blue birds, and updating your profile involves rearranging content on an actual brick wall.

There are a lot of comic moments in the video, although the arrival of someone playing a game of Angry Birds is a definite highlight.

While the idea itself is far from original, the execution is very good, proving it is possible for tech companies to do comedy -- Microsoft take note.

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