Take that Feedly! MultiPLX announces free search

On the heels of what is a minor kerfuffle, where Feedly announced a Pro version that involves paying for search (and a bit more), another service comes along to trump the new darling of RSS. "We are starting with 4 features: search in my feeds, one-click Evernote integration, premium support and HTTPS", Feedly announced late yesterday.

Today, rival MultiPLX began rolling out emails assuring users that its new search feature was free -- "today we are glad to announce the launch of 'search within your RSS feeds' feature and it is free for all our users. Please check out www.multiplx.com for 30 seconds to experience. There is no need to signup".

The message came directly from founder Emre Kosmaz, and seems too timely for coincidence, and continues to assure users "after the announcement of GR shutting down, we also added all its features such as list/condensed view, public folder sharing, feed clips/ blog rolls to MultiPLX as well as an API platform [on] par with Google Reader's API. SSL will be our next addition planned to be live next week".

So, where is your RSS landing spot after the untimely demise of Google Reader? Many a service has popped up to fill the void, though Feedly seems to be the main choice -- perhaps until this most recent announcement at least. Others seek to grab the space, and there is little room for error in direction in this market.


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