eBay My Gadgets makes it easier to sell your unwanted electronic devices

Smartphones, tablets and other gadgets get updated incredibly fast these days. If you want to stay on the cutting edge, and be assured of always having the latest features, and fastest technology, you need to keep upgrading, which leaves the question of what to do with your old tech.

Sell it on eBay, is a fairly obvious solution and now the auction site has officially opened a new service which will make it even easier to do exactly that. eBay My Gadgets is currently only available on the US version of eBay, but will hopefully be made available internationally soon.

Just click the "Add a Gadget" button, start typing in the name of a device, and the service will find that item and let you add it to your collection. The site will automatically include the last 20 devices you bought on eBay, so you don’t have to manually add those.

The current value of each of your gadgets, based on the price they’re selling for on eBay, is listed under the picture, and over time you’ll be able to track value, so you can see when is the best time to sell, helping you maximize your return.

It’s a nifty idea -- it will help eBay to sell more gadgets, and also possibly encourage sellers to list items that they might otherwise not have bothered with. If you think no one wants that old mobile sitting in a desk drawer you’ll be able to add it to My Gadgets and see what you could realistically get for it.

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