Skype Pre-Release for Windows 8.1 rolls out

Its no secret that a lot is changing in the 8.1 update of Microsoft's operating system, which suddenly rolled out today for those with a subscription to Technet or MSDN. Aside from a new, and less functional Start button, the software giant was said to be adding Skype integration as well.

Today the pre-release version of that communications service also has surfaced. "We’re thrilled to share this preview with you so you can experience for yourself the first-ever, fully integrated Skype on any Windows 8.1 device", says Skype's Ana Guzik.

The previous, ah...current, version of Windows allowed customers to access Skype from both the people app and pinned favorites, but now integration is also built into Internet Explorer. The latest version also has app-to-app launching capability so you can communicate while taking care of other business -- the Skpe app moves to the side to get out of your way.

Despite the time that has elapsed since Microsoft purchased the service, integration has not come as quickly as many had expected. Slowly but surely however, the app is finding its way into more places in the company's ecosystem.

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