Huddle aims to connect workers via the cloud

Content collaboration specialist Huddle has launched its Connected Desktop experience aimed at streamlining team working by linking the desktop with the company's content collaboration system.

Groups of people can work together, editing and saving files from their desktops into a secure cloud. This aids productivity regardless of where workers are located or what type of device they're using. The latest release offers five new capabilities.

Seamless interaction with the cloud allows users of Huddle for Windows or Mac to edit documents in their desktop application whilst ensuring that it's locked to prevent conflicts. If connectivity is lost the latest version is uploaded as soon as it's restored.

Huddle for Outlook integrates with the mail client to save documents and email conversations into the Huddle cloud. Email responses are recorded as comments on the file so that the context of discussions is retained.

Huddle Drive offers enterprise-grade storage allowing easy access to files for all team members as well as enhancing security by reducing the risk that corporate data will be leaked or lost.

Huddle Viewer ensures that photos and videos can be viewed directly from the cloud via a browser without the need to open a separate desktop application. It also makes locating and sharing the latest version of an image simpler.

Finally Huddle Dashboard creates a business activity stream showing all of the activity on a project in a single place. Files for approval, notifications, comments, tasks and actions are immediately flagged and teams can easily see what progress has been made across projects.

"The office of the future is no longer a physical environment -- with a desk, chair and workstation tied to the network -- it’s a secure virtual environment that is accessible from anywhere via whatever device people wish to use," says Alastair Mitchell, CEO of Huddle. "People’s devices are now the doorway to their world of work. Thanks to the cloud, they can securely store, access and share all of their files and collaborate with everyone they need to -- inside or outside of the organization".

Huddle is browser-based but native apps are also available for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The infographic below shows how it works, you can find out more and see a video of Huddle in action at

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