Evernote offers two-step authentication to 'everyone'

Over the course of 2013 we have seen many services adding a two-step authentication to their sign-in options, though most leave the decision of enabling it up to the individual customer. Now, the popular note-taking service Evernote, which works across both mobile and web platforms, has joined in the movement.

This is not entirely new -- the company first announced the availability back in May, but only gave the option to Premium and Business level customers, leaving the rest of the user-base without the extra security.

"We take the security of your data very seriously. Several months ago, we introduced two-step verification along with several other security features. Today, we're opening two-step verification up to everyone", announces Andrew Sinkov.

The catch is that free customers will need to use a third-party authenticator, such as the one made by Google, while Premium customers can opt to simply receive a text message with the necessary code.

Interested parties will need to head to the Evernote web site, login to their account and head to the security section. Here you will find the new option right below those for changing email and password.

The company also points out, "One very important thing to note. As part of the set up process, you will be given a set of one-time codes to use in the event that you are unable to access your phone. Don't keep these codes in Evernote since you’ll need them when you don't have access to your Evernote account".

While this level of security is seen by many customers as just a hassle, it only takes being bitten once for most to learn a valuable lesson.

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