.NET Version Detector adds support for .NET 4.5.1

If programs aren’t running as expected on a PC then checking whatever .NET versions are installed is often a good idea. So it’s a pity that Microsoft doesn’t provide a quick and easy way to do this, instead forcing users to navigate through multiple Registry keys (not so helpful when you’re trying to remotely troubleshoot problems with a PC novice).

Fortunately there are plenty of more straightforward alternatives around, and one of the more capable, ASoft’s portable .NET Version Detector, has just been upgraded to version 14.

The main addition this time is support for detecting .NET 4.5.1, as included with Windows 8.1. Just run the program and any installed .NET versions will be listed at the end of a text report. If you’re asking someone else to check their own PC, they can click Copy to send the report to the clipboard, before pasting it into a message to you.

The program also provides links to the various download pages for each .NET version, as well as the relevant SDK (we’re less convinced about the usefulness of the latter, but hey, it’s there if you need it).

Maybe you just need to check something in the .NET folder itself? Check the logo to the left of an installed version and Explorer will open in the appropriate place.

And, conveniently, there’s also a straightforward command line option which allows you to capture these .NET versions from a script. There are no complex switches to worry about, just provide a report name -- dotnet.exe c:\dotnet.txt -- and it’ll be generated for you.

.NET Version Detector could be improved further in plenty of ways, mostly by reducing its cluttered interface. The program’s core task is relatively basic, yet for some reason it still requires a table, a text box, three colored panes, seven .NET logos, thirteen buttons and a menu bar. There’s surely plenty of scope for simplifying all this? Maybe next time.

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