Get ready to upgrade -- DDR4 memory is on its way

I recently upgraded my already fast PC, adding a large Kingston SSD, Intel Core i7 Processor, and new motherboard, and additionally boosted the amount of DDR3 RAM to 16GB. Unfortunately, my new super-speedy system could be out of date as soon as next month -- well the memory and motherboard elements of it at least.

Memory specialist Crucial has DDR4 listed on its website, along with a nifty infographic (embedded below) to tell you more about the next generation memory. According the information on the site, the faster RAM is coming out late in 2013, which means -- as we're running out of months -- it should be available some time in December.

Of course DDR4 has a different architecture from DDR3, so if you want to upgrade you’ll need a new motherboard too. Why should you consider DDR4? Well as Crucial explains on the website:

Crucial DDR4 memory technology represents the future of computing. Moving beyond the outgrown limitations of DDR3 module architecture, Crucial DDR4 memory is engineered to pack more performance into your system and has the capability to double the available density per module. Crucial DDR4 modules will use up to 20 percent less voltage than previous technology, and will enable mainstream data rates that are at least twice as fast as DDR3 memory. With DDR4 memory in your system, get ready to process data twice as fast, load applications faster, experience quick snap responsiveness and increased ability to multitask. If you thought the tablets, ultrabooks, and desktops of today already seem fast -- get ready to be blown away. The technology that enables electronics is about to get better and faster than ever before.

Although I won’t be upgrading my PC again this year, there’s every chance I’ll be going down the DDR4 route at some point next year. What about you?

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