Amazon Prime can now be given as a gift -- great for last minute shoppers

If there is one thing I hate, it is paying for subscriptions. As new services come out and I subscribe, it feels like money is just being siphoned from my wallet. Entertainment services alone are bleeding me dry -- Netflix, Hulu Plus and Google Play Music All Access to name a few. Even though I detest subscriptions, there is one that I am happy to pay for -- Amazon Prime.

Now, I do not want to sound like a commercial for Amazon, but it is truly a service that delivers exponential value. You see, besides offering a plethora of TV shows and movies for free, it also enables free two-day shipping for physical products. I shop at the website so much, that the paltry $79 annual fee pays for itself rather quickly. As a computer nerd, getting something like a 120mm fan or PCI card in two days at no cost is awesome. Today, the company announces that you can now send a Prime subscription as a gift.

"Members have told us they want to give the gift of Prime and we are delighted to offer this new capability in time for the holidays. Our customers can now give the convenience of unlimited two-day shipping to family and friends [...] When you add in the huge selection of popular movies, TV shows and Kindle books already included in the membership, giving Prime is giving a year's worth of convenience AND entertainment", says Greg Greeley, Vice President of Amazon Prime.

Sending it to somebody is rather simple and can be done here. You can buy it and send it to the recipient's email address. This makes it a particularly attractive option for forgetful, last-minute shoppers. You can send this to somebody on Christmas day if need be -- no more wrapping anti-freeze in newspaper for your grandma on the way to her house (yes, I am speaking from experience).

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