Forget Gmail, Google announces Blackmail service [NSFW warning]

Many of us complain, some more than needed, about companies like Google and Microsoft and the possible ties each has to our personal information and potential spying accusations. But now, Google is pulling back the curtain on all of this, revealing what data it has and what the plans for it are.

Okay, I am being a bit facetious, but a new video posted by the folks at College Humor takes a look at what one potential future could look like. I'll try to give you a bit of background while simultaneously also attempting to not spoil it for you.

Essentially we are looking at a brand new service -- Google Blackmail. It's one that many of you accuse the search giant of having anyway. Blackmail is built with a single purpose in mind, and it's not so much about handing your data over to federal agents -- they likely already have it.

Instead, Google Blackmail is designed around strongarming you into using Google+, the company's social network that I recently heard described thus -- "the social network for the Google employees you know". In other words, there isn't much going on there. Mom and dad and your friend who now lives on the opposite coast likely aren't there, but it's not for Google's lack of trying.

The video is just over two minutes long and, I must stress, certainly falls within the realm of "NSFW". If you have a bit of privacy, and are looking for a chuckle to liven up your Monday, then you can view the College Humor creation below.

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