Pirates and TV meet today, with Black Sails debuting on YouTube and Starz website

When you hear the word pirate associated with a TV show there is likely one immediate thought that springs to your mind, and it isn’t a skull and crossbones or eye patch. But today that is changing, as a brand new program debuts in a unique way.

A new show from Starz network titled Black Sails is set to debut next weekend, but the network has a surprise in store for viewers. You can actually watch the very first episode right now. The premier show is available through the Starz website, in conjunction with YouTube.

Be warned, as a box pops up letting you know that it contains “mature content” and you need to be at least 17 years old to view it – I trust you will all studiously follow this recommendation. The show is based on Captain Flint in 1715.

The new release runs just over one hour in length, and you can find it at either Starz or over on YouTube, no need to pirate the show about real pirates. You can even watch it right here, in the video below. There is a bit of an intro to get past, though.

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