Gmail is back up, but strange problem persists

There is something to be said for the cloud and web-based services. However, when you rely on these things, sometimes it goes a bit wrong. That's not as bad as it sounds. It can go very wrong with your home computer and network as well. Today, Google is experiencing one of those "glitches".


As of this writing, the Gmail service seems to be restored for all users, and I've inquired with writer friends around the US and the world to verify that. However, there is a rather bizarre side-effect, but it's only affecting one poor user. Sadly, that person is getting the bulk of the email being sent since the outage relented.

It seems that when you search Gmail in Google, which a large number of average users do, and click the top result, it opens a compose dialogue box and pre-fills the recipient with "[email protected]". Hence, this is resulting in the person on the receiving end being inundated with email. (We recommend to avoid testing it, for the obvious reasons.)

As of this writing, while the service is back up, the weird problem persists. You can check out the two screenshots I grabbed, which I've included below. Just please don't drop him a line, as he already is being a bit overwhelmed.

Image Credit: Jamesbin/Shutterstock

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