Mozilla unveils Firefox Accounts -- sets sights on Google Chrome

Firefox is my favorite browser, but I don't use it. While that sounds crazy, and it sort of is, there is a method to my madness. You see, Google Chrome utilizes Google accounts, which makes my life easier.

By utilizing Google accounts, Chrome can sync across multiple devices -- that includes things like bookmarks and passwords. And so, the convenience of Chrome caused me to abandon my trusty Firefox. Luckily, Mozilla is looking to bring parity with all-new Firefox Accounts.

"We're introducing Firefox Accounts as a safe and easy way for you to create an account that enables you to sign in and take your Firefox with you anywhere. With Firefox Accounts, we can better integrate services into your Web experience, like the new Firefox Sync", says Mark Mayo of Mozilla.

Mayo further explains, "Firefox Sync enables you to take your browsing data like passwords, bookmarks, history, and open tabs across devices, just as it always has. But now we've made it even easier to setup the service and add multiple devices, while still delivering the same browser-based encryption".

In other words, Firefox will soon be more attractive to people that enjoy the convenience of syncing across multiple devices by using an account. While Mozilla never mentions Chrome in its announcement, this is clearly in response to Google's accounts and associated syncing.

Sadly though, these accounts will not be available right away -- at least not for the stable release. It is however, available now for the Aurora build of the browser, which is pre-beta. It is not recommended to use pre-beta software on a production machine.

Unfortunately for Mozilla, Chrome will continue to have two advantages -- iOS and Chrome OS. Mozilla has sworn to avoid Apple's mobile OS until it can use the Firefox engine, something Apple is not likely to ever allow. This means that iOS users cannot sync across all devices with Firefox, while they can with Chrome. Of course, Chrome OS does not allow any alternative browsers. While Mozilla has an advantage with Firefox OS, that operating system is a non-factor -- for now.

Chrome users, will you switch to Firefox as a result? Tell me in the comments.

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