Google brings the Drive API to Code School

For many people, learning to code or program is very hard. Young computer nerds often dream of becoming programmers, but reality hits them like a ton of bricks when they experience the level of difficulty. Of course, it doesn't have to be difficult. Quite frankly, many factors can cause a student to be overwhelmed by learning, such as a poor teacher or outdated curriculum.

With that said, where there is a will, there is a way. Many discouraged people may find that they can learn to program if they do it at their own pace and think outside the box. This is what makes Code School so intriguing -- students can pick what they want to learn and take it slowly. Today, Google announces that it is partnering with the online school.

"The most challenging part of learning anything new is often simply getting started. Unfortunately, when it comes to programming, the first few minutes (or more!) are often occupied with cumbersome details such as setting up an environment, which results in very little time spent actually writing code. We were certain there must be a better way", says Greg Knoke, Google Drive Developer Relations Team.

Knoke further explains, "Code School has been doing exciting things with learning to program online. This is why we decided to team up with them to create a way for developers to learn to use the Google Drive API, with no setup required. In the Discover Drive course, you can learn at your own pace from your web browser. You'll spend less time fussing with coding environments and more time writing code".

In other words, students can sign up for the class, free of charge, and learn more about coding with the Google Drive API. The search-giant touts the following lessons that will be taught:

  • Level 1 -- Save to Drive Button
  • Level 2 -- Google Picker with Drive
  • Level 3 -- Authenticating with Drive
  • Level 4 -- Uploading Files
  • Level 5 -- Retrieving Metadata
  • Level 6 -- Downloading & Sharing Files
  • Level 7 -- Updating & Deleting Files
  • Level 8 -- Folders
  • Level 9 -- Push Notifications
  • Level 10 -- Installing And Showcasing Your Application

This is really cool on Google's part. As the internet reaches more places globally, the opportunities to learn outside of a classroom setting should promote knowledge more freely. Ultimately, free courses such as this could become the new normal. Students falling asleep in boring lecture halls could become a thing of the past.

Image Credit: wavebreakmedia / Shutterstock

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