WinPatrol 2014 'Second Release' squashes bugs and delivers more usage tips during setup

BillP Studios has released WinPatrol 30.1.2014, the "Second Release" of the 2014 version of its snapshot-based security tool. The new build contains a number of minor tweaks and refinements over the first release, which was billed as a "preview" when it debuted last month.

Version 30.1.2014 opens by improving the setup file to provide the user with more helpful information and tips on using WinPatrol that are displayed during the installation process.

The setup tweak follows through on BillP’s promise to make the 2014 version more supportive and helpful, while another significant change is that the program continues to support non-US users by implementing international date and time formats, as specified by the user’s own settings defined under the Region Control Panel.

The new release also updates the SQLite Library -- the only third-party app continued to be utilized by WinPatrol as required to support cookies used by Chrome and Mozilla browsers -- to the latest version.

The user interface has also been further tweaked with graphics associated with WinPatrol lists getting an update. Also improved is the graphic icon that represents real-time monitoring in the Plus version to provide clear indication when running.

One of the program’s functions that’s used by its column sorting has been improved to provide more consistent sorting as well as correct a problem with displaying program company names. A bugfix for the way WinPatrol handles the %SYSTEMROOT% environment variable has also been implemented, along with improved handling of 64-bit file redirection for other environment variables.

One final bug fix sees an issue whereby WinPatrol was getting confused in the ActiveX section about whether or not it was a Plus version also being resolved.

WinPatrol 30.1.2014 is available now as a free, function-limited download for PCs running Windows XP or later. A Plus version with additional functionality is also available, with prices starting from $29.95 (single user, unlimited computers) to $49.95 (whole family license).

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