Spanning improves Google Apps Backup

We all know that backups are important and these days that applies to data stored on cloud services just as much as desktop PCs.

Cloud backup provider Spanning Cloud Apps has announced a major update to its Spanning Backup for Google Apps, offering improved reporting and proactive notifications.

The new version includes a redesign of the status and notification interface Google Apps administrators use to understand what data is and isn't backed up. This is especially important in terms of data not saved as the Google API doesn't allow all data to be backed up and Spanning's competitors don't let administrators know this.

"Trust and transparency are non-negotiable with respect to cloud application backup," says Jeff Erramouspe, CEO of Spanning Cloud Apps. "We want our customers to live unencumbered by fear of the cloud, and to take risks without worrying about data loss. One of the things customers most appreciate about Spanning is the transparency we provide in reporting the status of their backups. For example, not all Google Apps data can be backed up due to API limitations. Spanning Backup offers the status updates and proactive alerts to highlight any issues that the customer would need to review and remediate to ensure proper backup is taking place. This gives customers visibility into their Google Apps data backup that they need for peace of mind. That’s how trust is earned and maintained, and that’s our commitment".

Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Sites are automatically backed up daily to a private and secure sector of the AWS cloud. Enterprise grade security is used to protect your data and flexible restore options mean that, for example, emails can be found and restored by date, label, sender, and subject line.

Thanks to a redesign of status reports and notifications, administrators now get a deeper insight into the completeness of their backups with item-level detail and guidance on addressing problems. It can also identify potentially corrupt Google Drive files and send email alerts to admins on the backup status of user accounts.

The update to Spanning Backup for Google Apps is available now. You can visit the website for more information, or to sign up for a free 14-day trial.

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