CloudyTabs lets you access iCloud-synced browser tabs outside of Safari on your Mac

These days, most people find themselves browsing on a variety of devices: computers, smartphones and tablets. It’s why most browsers have developed tools for automatically keeping everything in sync across all your tech, but the downside is you normally have to tie yourself into one service or browser.

If you’re a Mac user, that usually means tying yourself into Apple’s Safari web browser for iCloud Tab syncing, but you can access the pages you’ve got open on your iOS device on any browser you like with a free app called CloudyTabs 1.0.

What CloudyTabs does is provide you with access from your menu bar to any open tabs currently synced in iCloud via Apple’s own Safari browser. Click on a tab and it’ll open in whichever browser you’ve set as your default, whether that’s Firefox, Chrome, Opera or something more niche.

It’s incredibly simple to use -- click the icon and select your tab. Hold [Cmd] as you click if you want the page loaded in the background, or select Open All Tabs From followed by your device of choice to quickly carry on browsing from where you left off earlier.

It’s not all good news -- the sync is one-way only, so you can’t make changes in your default browser and expect CloudyTabs to magically upload them to iCloud Sync. But as a quick-fire way of making use of iCloud Tab sync on your Mac without having to toe the Apple line completely, CloudyTabs does its job admirably.

CloudyTabs 1.0 is an open-source download for Macs running OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or later.

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