Netflix expands ISP list for its monthly naughty and nice roundup

Every month video streaming service Netflix trots out its results list for speed tests of US internet service providers, ranking each in descending order. There was a recent stir of controversy, as Comcast took a sudden nose-dive in the standings. This came, rather coincidentally, just before Netflix paid up for better service. In fairness, the deal was already in the works during the drop-off, so it was at best a negotiation tactic.

With that mess now in the rear-view mirror, Netflix announces it is expanding the list of ISPs that it plans to track and include on its monthly shame and fame list.

"We expanded the list to provide insight into the performance of many of the smaller providers in the US and to give credit where it is due. For example, Midcontinent, a regional cable provider in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, takes second place in the expanded rankings", says Joris Evers of Netflix.

The service also took the opportunity to tweak its new cable partner just a bit, stating "we do expect to see Comcast's performance improve in the rankings next month when we release March data".

The data is culled from more than 44 million Netflix customers worldwide, as the company also tracks ISPs in Mexico and The Netherlands, among other places. It's a bit of a wake-up-call for providers, as Neflix is calling out anyone who isn't living up to standards.

Image Credit: Lisa S. / Shutterstock

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