Talari makes network performance data more accessible

Keeping a business network running smoothly relies on having information so that admins can respond quickly to problems.

California-based Talari Networks has launched a new product called APN (Adaptive Private Networking) Aware, that aims to give IT teams an overview of the status and history of each link on a WAN.

This allows them to identify network issues and fix things quickly as well as providing managers with the information they need to enforce SLA contracts with service providers.

Talari's APN appliances already build a detailed map of paths through the WAN. The addition of Aware means this data can be accessed from a central location. It gathers the WAN's physical, virtual and application data from APN appliances throughout the network and stores it in a single database. Aware then allows IT teams to analyze current and historical network and application performance. They can produce interactive graphical maps, graphs and tables that can be displayed from different perspectives making this a very flexible analysis tool.

In the past its been difficult to measure performance on the service provider part of a WAN, enterprises have had to be content with collecting information at the edges as data enters and leaves their premises. APN Aware overcomes this and provides information on every link through the WAN.

"A key benefit to Aware is we allow our customers to understand the behavior of the links they are purchasing from service providers. Rather than trust the SLAs, they can actually see the performance of every link, including uptime, latency, jitter and loss in each direction -- critical information they can use to determine the effectiveness of their investments with different service providers, and in some cases empower them to renegotiate contracts or enforce SLAs with their providers," says Talari's President and CEO Emerick Woods. "In an environment where IT is asked to justify every dollar spent, Aware gives them the information they need at a level of unmatched granularity".

APN Aware is available from today as an add-on to Talari's WAN appliances, for more information and a full list of features visit the company's website.

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