K2 makes SharePoint development easier

Microsoft's SharePoint, just in case you aren't familiar with it, is a set of web technologies with an Office-like interface that's designed to allow non-technical staff to build business apps.

SharePoint is typically employed to provide internet and intranet sites as well as enterprise document and content management. Now business application specialist K2 is aiming to help SharePoint users build better applications without the need for any coding.

The release of K2 for SharePoint lets enterprises build and use applications using forms, workflow data and reports. Key features include the ability to create workflows that span lists and libraries on different SharePoint sites and across different versions, both on-site and in the cloud. In addition customized forms and workflows can be created to integrate existing business data. Users can build web and mobile apps that use SharePoint data but run independently of the environment. Also components like forms and workflows can be built once and shared across applications both in and out of SharePoint.

"It is now easy to deliver powerful workflow and forms-driven apps on SharePoint," says Adriaan van Wyk, CEO and co-founder of K2. "Our customers now have the ability to create scalable and secure no-code apps that span on-premises, cloud and hybrid SharePoint environments, without sacrificing capability or control. It is an exciting time".

Most development platforms tie users to a specific structure and outline within their fabric. Using K2 for SharePoint, enterprises can build completely tailored, fully-functional applications and web-based forms to look and feel just like SharePoint -- or have a completely unique approach.

For more information on K2 for SharePoint, a full list of features and a look at what it can do with an online demo visit the K2 website.

Image Credit: Rafal Olechowski / Shutterstock

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