Dropbox launches Mailbox for Android with 'Auto-swipe'

Mailbox200-175Dropbox has launched an Android version of Mailbox, its popular iOS email client.

The headline addition is a new "Auto-swipe" feature which learns from your actions, such as which emails you want to "snooze" (hide until later) and which you want to archive, then automatically handles similar messages in the future.

Mailbox now also uses Dropbox to sync your preferences and Auto-swipe rules, ensuring you get a consistent experience across all your devices and email accounts.

When we say "all" your accounts, we actually mean "Gmail and iCloud". The official app description claims "other email platforms coming soon", but users have already been waiting for a while, and the lack of support for other services is a real limitation.

Mailbox for Android is undeniably easy to use, though, and Auto-swipe could be a real time-saver, so if you need a better way to manage your Gmail inbox then give it a try.

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