Are we facing an internet of too many things?

Home automation 1

Much of the buzz in the tech world at the moment surrounds the internet of things, the idea that every piece of electronic kit might one day be connected via the web.

There are plenty of benefits from this but it also presents a number of challenges. Home automation specialist Custom Controls has released an infographic showing what needs to happen for the internet of things to work.

These include improved standards which will mean that companies and developers will need to work together in order to ensure that their devices speak a common language to enable them to exchange information. Security is also important to prevent information leakage and to prevent hackers from interfering with your TV or your fridge.

Speed is a factor too, with more than 50 million devices predicted to be online by 2020 there will be a greater need for fast and reliable internet connections. There's also the issue of service as much of the world is still unable to access high speed internet.

You can read more about the problems and solutions presented by the internet of things on the Custom Controls blog and view the infographic below.


Image Credit: Black Jack / Shutterstock

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