Hide sensitive on-screen information from prying eyes with AntiSnooper

AntiSnooperIf you’re the kind of person who has to hurriedly switch off their monitor whenever anyone comes near, you need Bagrify’s AntiSnooper 1.1. This free tool makes it possible to obscure selected program windows whenever they’re not in focus, hiding whatever sensitive information you may have to hide.

It’s perfect for both business and home use, and runs on any PC with Windows XP or later installed.

Whether you’re working in an uncomfortably open plan office and wish to keep sensitive customer information hidden away, or you’re at home and need to hide a window the moment your better half sallies into the room, AntiSnooper can help.

It’s simple to use and set up: open the program whose window you wish to obscure followed by the main AntiSnooper window. From here, click + next to the program name to set up a profile -- this consists of an identifiable name (the profile is stored for future use), a delay switch before the effect kicks in, and finally the type of obfuscation -- blurred window or screensaver -- you wish to perform.

The blurred window is the default effect -- you can set its strength using the dial provided. If you choose a screensaver, there are five to choose from and the effect only covers the program window itself, not your entire desktop.

Once configured, click away from the program window to de-select it and you should see the effect come into play after the delay you set. The effect can be temporarily suspended by clicking the pause button next to the program name in the main AntiSnooper window, and you can tweak effects from here or manage your saved profiles via the program’s Protected Profiles tab.

You can also configure AntiSnooper to start automatically with Windows and minimize it to the System Tray so it’s invisible when in use.

While AntiSnooper isn’t the most sophisticated protection around -- the effect is negated as soon as the window comes back into focus -- it’s an interesting extra line of defense for those who have reason to occasionally hide windows from view.

AntiSnooper 1.1 is available now as a freeware download for PCs running Windows XP or later.

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