Android developer surprised to find his app in Nokia Store


ADW.Launcher developer Ander Webbs has taken to Google+ to share his surprise after finding out his Android app was available in the Nokia Store -- the app store for Nokia X -- seemingly without his permission and without him ever launching the offering there. At first glance it appears Opera, which operates Nokia Store, has jumped the gun by creating an account and uploading the app on his behalf.

Without knowing the context, a number of vocal Google+ users have begun to accuse Nokia of unprofessionalism (bordering on wrongdoing). Fueled by a desire to bring the matter to the public's attention, it has quickly escalated. But, as it turns out, in 2010, Webbs agreed to have ADW.Launcher offered through Handster, which was later purchased by Opera.

Because of this, Opera deemed it appropriate to publish the version of ADW.Launcher, that it has from Handster, to Nokia Store. The agreement Opera and Nokia have is meant to allow the former to distribute Handster-posted apps through Nokia Store.

What is interesting is Webbs, until his chat on Google+ with Anna Melnychuk of Opera who sent him the email that triggered everything, apparently did not read the email that was sent in 2012, informing him he was becoming an Opera developer, following the Handster acquisition.

It is an interesting turn of events, and one which would have not come to light had Melnychuk kept quiet about it. This goes to prove just how quickly Internet users can take someone's side without seeing the full picture, becoming judge, jury and executioner, and also how a past agreement can have unexpected repercussions.

Image Credit: Maridav/Shutterstock

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