Take a peek into the world of Microsoft with Snaps

Satya Nadella

Microsoft has created a new website to showcase the best photography from around the world… of Microsoft. It’s an arty look into life in and around the tech giant’s Redmond, Wash. Campus, and highlights just some of the people who work there.

Shots include employees playing cricket, having lunch, and a photo of Satya Nadella on his first day as Microsoft CEO.

So why has Microsoft put this site together? According to Steve Wiens, Editor, Microsoft.com/Stories: "A few weeks ago, the Microsoft Stories team noticed something. With every amazing person we meet, and every epic moment we cover, our family photo album gets a little thicker. In fact, it’s pretty much bursting at the seams. So we’ve created a new place where we can share our favorite photos from the world of Microsoft with you. We’re calling it Snaps. Take a peek and let us know what you think!"

There aren’t many photos on the site at the moment, but more will be added over time.

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