Samsung not concerned about the prospect of an Apple smartwatch


Speaking at a press event as part of Samsung's Business Discovery Day, Jae Shin, the vice president of Samsung's Knox mobile security business group, said that wearable devices will take off with or without Apple's help.

Historically, the hype surrounding the launch of a new Apple product has provided the kick-start for interest in a new type of technology. This has previously been the case for smartphones and tablet computers, thanks to the iPhone and iPad, respectively.

However, when asked whether Samsung was worried about losing its early lead in the wearables market when Apple eventually releases its much-rumored iWatch, Shin argued that consumers have "the know-how and the resources to make a smart decision".

He went on to say that Apple isn't the only company that can generate excitement in its products anymore and that other firms can get in on the action.

"Consumers are lot smarter these days and there's a lot for information available to them," he continued.

"At Samsung, we provide a lot of technical support and SDKs to developers so that they actually create innovation solutions and applications and user experiences that provide what the consumer wants; transparent technology. They want to be able to use it for a purpose they're going to benefit from".

Apple's iWatch will inevitably attract a lot of hype and publicity when it does arrive, but until that time comes, Samsung won't be wasting any time worrying about it.

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