ECS officially announces LIVA -- smallest Windows-based mini PC kit ever


A computer nerd without a home office or "man-cave" is half a nerd. This is the exact predicament I am in. Without going into to much detail, my basement man-cave is out of commission for renovations. This means my test desktop, large monitor and computer desk are packed away for the time being. Thank God for the Surface Pro 3 -- it has enabled me to make any room my office, including the Starbucks I am in now.

However, not all people have a desire to be mobile. No, some without an office prefer to put a home computer in a small area of a kitchen or living room. This can be problematic however, as the desktop can be large and depending on the model, an eyesore. Even worse, the whirring of the fans may impede a desired silence for a movie or romantic dinner. Today, ECS announces a solution for geeks and nerds that are tight on space -- the LIVA mini-computer. At 118 x 70 x 56 mm and 190g, this thing is light and tiny.


"To achieve great performance with modern applications, LIVA supports the latest Intel Celeron Bay Trail-M SoC (System-on-a-Chip) dual-core processor operating at up to 2GHz in turbo mode. There's 2GB of fast, low-voltage DDR3L memory, which achieves power savings of 8 percent compared to old-fashioned DRAM", says ECS.

The manufacturer further explains, "connect your LIVA to the world via its Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n and Bluetooth 4.0 Combo Card. There's also high-speed USB 3.0, Gigabit LAN and audio output, plus both HDMI and VGA outputs for dual-monitor applications and both Digital / Analog support. LIVA avoids the bottlenecks of slow hard disk storage with its integrated 32GB eMMC (embedded multi-media card)".

While this is hardly the most powerful computer, it is definitely capable of basic office work, web surfing and multimedia. Heck, since it is passively cooled, it may serve well as a silent HTPC. The LIVA kit may be a great option as a first-PC build for a child too, as they can learn about the components and see the internals -- it should make for a great lesson. Of course, while it will run Windows 8.1, it can surely run a Linux-powered operating system too.

Sadly, pricing and availability are not yet available, but all should be revealed soon. Are you interested in buying the LIVA? Tell me in the comments.

10 Responses to ECS officially announces LIVA -- smallest Windows-based mini PC kit ever

  1. Owen Jennings says:

    NUC a better option? And Linux a better option too!

  2. async2013 says:

    Two words...Raspberry Pi

  3. John Topher says:

    "Thank God for the Surface Pro 3 -- it has enabled me to make any room my office, including the Starbucks I am in now."

    Yes thank God. You know because before the SP3 people could not "make any room my office". I remember people brining desktop PC's to Starbucks and it just never working out for them.

    Hopefully Mom's renovation of her basement will be don't soon and you can go back down there.

  4. Eric Sleeper says:

    Price is key here - which we don't have. As it has HDMI Out, and passively cooled, I would like something like this to replace my Apple TVs. Windows 8 Modern UI makes a great interface on a HDMI TV. Plus it supports the Xbox Control, remote controls, and Miracast. And from a previous post this week, full blown voice commands.

    But it's all about price. This could be cool to replace my Linux machine too (it's not heavily used), just to save room.

  5. barely_normal says:

    This may take off like a rocket, but I doubt it. I also doubt the usability of this as a learning tool, insofar as the level of integration makes learning "about the components" effectively useless.

    It sound good now, but price and compatibility will determine its usefulness in the long run.

  6. Dan L. says:

    This looks great hopefully the barebones will be less than $150 that would cause a revolution is the micro PC space. The problem is they always charge too much and it never catches on with buyers.

    Also I would put Linux on a box like this instead of Windows. I would mainly want this as a primary Media Center PC/Server

  7. async2013 says:

    If this had Linux on it, it would be cheaper because it has windows on it expect it to be too pricey to mean anything. Problem is it will be sold with windows on it, nah i'll stick with the awesome Pi

  8. Hall9000 says:

    Pricing unavailable? Would have been fun to have a guesstimate. Anyway, I suspect that it just might be priced around the same prices of upper end tablets? By the way, remember those small minature notebooks that banks "give away" with Windows 7 installed. If my memory serves me well they cost less than $200 but they do have Win 7 Starter Edition installed on them. So, same for those? Windows 8 Starter Edition or cut down edition/otherwhise known as cripple ware edition :-P to cut down prices?

  9. Im Me says:

    It was too slow for me that doesn't really match up with the specification provided. I donno if I have any other bottleneck. It was too slow to find out even the bottle next that I lastly postpone doing the analyzing.

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