Steve Wozniak disposes of 'worthless' Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch on eBay


Samsung’s Galaxy Gear has been handed a rotten assessment by Apple’s gadget-loving co-founder Steve Wozniak.

The man who started up the technology behemoth with Steve Jobs complained that the smartwatch doesn’t offer the convenience he was hoping and within half a day it was up on eBay ready to be sold at a bargain price.

"That [Galaxy Gear] was the only technology I bought to experiment with that I threw out after half a day, sold it on eBay because it was so worthless and did so little that was convenient,” he told the Flying Car innovation conference, according to CNET.

Wozniak went on from there and was equally scathing of the screen that he said should be a size that is big enough to give him everything his eyes could need. That was before he expressed his displeasure at the functionality of it.

"You had to hold it up to your ear and stuff,” he added.

It’s clear listening to Wozniak that he thinks the key to unlocking the wearables sector is one company coming in with a product that blows all the competitors away or starts a revolution like Apple did with both the iPhone and iPad.

"When one company does one thing very strikingly different, and everybody says this company got it right, this is the way of the future. In the past, it's been Apple a number of times -- not always. So I'm really hoping that Apple's the big breakthrough,” he said.

Apple’s co-founder was more glowing about Google Glass and stated that although it isn’t that useful he has "actually kind of liked playing with it".

Apple is expected to release a wearable device of some sort in the near future and the developers will be hoping that Wozniak doesn’t decide to toss it away like the Galaxy Gear.

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