gPlus: A Google+ client for Windows Phone you can enjoy using

gPlus Google+ Windows Phone

Windows Phone developers should be commended for the great job they are doing with third-party apps, which are, sometimes, even superior to the real deal. But, while they cover quite a few popular services, like Dropbox, Gmail or YouTube, I have yet to come across a competent client for Google+. For some reason, all Windows Phone apps I have tried either did not work as advertised or were acting as a wrapper for the mobile site.

As a result I have stopped trying to use Google+ altogether on Windows Phone, switching over to my laptop or tablet whenever I want to reach followers on the social network. But, thanks to G.T.F.O. Productions and its gPlus app, that might change.

The publisher says the app is the first native Google+ client to arrive on Windows Phone. And indeed it looks and feels like one, employing the Windows Phone design language throughout its interface. Posts and controls are easy to read and use, respectively, even on a smartphone with a smaller display.

G.T.F.O. Productions also says gPlus has more than 9000 features to offer -- yes, that number is indeed quite high -- among which the ability to create and edit posts (which are to be expected from any such app), upload pictures, navigate communities, search, and receive notifications. I, however, do not believe gPlus can actually brew coffee, even though its publisher says it can. I am still waiting for my cup!

There are users who are reporting various issues with gPlus -- authentication problems stand out (I have to enter a security code each time I open the app, for instance) -- but in my brief testing I have found it to offer an enjoyable experience, more so than any other Google+ client for Windows Phone. It looks like until Google releases the official app -- if it ever does -- gPlus is your best bet for interacting on its social network.

gPlus is available to download from Windows Phone Store.

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