Mobile phone etiquette around the world

People in other countries handle everyday situations in different ways, and that can make life difficult for the traveler. What might be seen as a polite action or way of behaving in one country could well be insulting in another, and it's not just customs or beliefs to be aware of.

Every nation has its own idea of what constitutes proper cell phone etiquette. In countries like the USA and UK, we know it’s not polite to do things like talk loudly on your phone in a public place, or answer a call during a movie or in a business meeting -- even if not everyone obeys these unwritten guidelines. Elsewhere around the globe, there are other rules when it comes to how and when to use the phone.

RepairLabs has come up with an infographic illustrating the many differences across the planet. As well as revealing how to answer the phone and sign off in 11 different countries, it also provides some useful details regarding phone etiquette. For example, in Thailand it’s considered rude not to answer your phone at work, and Italians usually don’t bother with voicemail.

In India, it’s fine for you to call someone well after 10pm, and obnoxiously loud ringtones are commonplace. Chinese will often answer calls even while in the middle of a face to face conversation with someone.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out more about how people in other nations behave when it comes to phone use.


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