Edward Snowden can stay in Russia for at least three more years

Edward Snowden can stay in Russia for three more years

The enfant terrible of the tech world, and the thorn in the side of the NSA, Edward Snowden has been granted permission to stay in Russia for a further three years. The former NSA analyst turned whistle-blower sought exile in the country a year ago and on August 1st he was granted an extension. The three-year residency permit was approved a week ago, but has only just been made public by Snowden's lawyer. Anatoly Kucherena explained that Snowden himself would hold a press conference as soon as possible, reported Russia Today.

The US has tried to force Russia to hand over Snowden so he can face charges in his home country, but for the time being, he will be able to stay where he is. If he feels inclined, the permits allows for him to travel abroad for up to three months, and he is free to travel wherever he wants within Russia. Although he has not expressed an interest in doing so, Snowden would be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Russia in five years' time.


More than a year after the initial revelations, the effect of Snowden's leaks are still being felt. He managed to single-handedly turn the world's attention to surveillance and increased public interest in the transparency of online firms. His actions have divided opinion, with some seeing him as a traitor who put the United States at risk, while others have applauded his actions for bringing to light the secretive activities of government agencies.

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22 Responses to Edward Snowden can stay in Russia for at least three more years

  1. Jason8957 says:

    Hey picked a fine time to go there with Putin itching for resurrecting the Soviet Union again. The more things change...

    • netcrave says:

      He didn't pick it, he ended up there (he had to travel through countries that wouldn't extradite him. leaving few alternatives) and when he did, this crisis hadn't started yet. So...

      • Eric Sleeper says:

        There are many (not me aas I haven't researched it), that think it planned to end up there from the beginning but smart enough to make it look like it wasn't the plan. Either way, Jason's point is now true, as he is getting lucky with timing and how the Russia and USA (and others) are butting heads.

      • netcrave says:

        That doesn't sound very plausible. I have followed it quite closely and he actually did everything he could to not be in Russia, but when no other country would have him and his passport was declared void, he got stuck. There was (and is) literally no country he could have reached without being extradited.
        I live in Europe and every country here is scared shitless what the US might do if they would take Snowden, therefore it's the last they would ever do.

      • Eric Sleeper says:

        Good points - Still very interesting what is going on now - making Snowden one lucky guy.

  2. Lazarus98 says:

    Ever think that that maybe allot of Putin's current stance might be based on what he as learned from Snowden? Just a thought...

    • 1DaveN says:

      The only people who think that are those who get their news from Mike Rogers and Dianne Feinstein, rather than from actual news outlets who try to present only facts, and not innuendo.

      • Lazarus98 says:

        Lol, took the bait quite well. Are there any News outlets left anymore that actually present facts?

      • BayAreaCAMale says:

        Id say you have to visit ip addresses outside the USA. lol

      • Lazarus98 says:

        They ALL have their slants on truth, outside as well. You really have to go all over the place, read it all and discern it for yourself. I would not trust much News anywhere anymore.

      • Isthmus B. says:

        You have to read everything with a grain of salt and use critical thinking to discern the truth, but you will get a LOT more fact-based news from RT & Al Jazeera America (both on cable, with websites and youtube channels). Also, TRN The Real News Network has a good YT channel (just realize it’s lefty). Scour the ZeroHedge website a couple times a day.

        There are no commercial sponsored news outlets (MSM) that can be trusted to present anything other than “the official story”.

    • BayAreaCAMale says:

      Now that you mention it... YES! Snowden, I feel by grace of God, managed to escape with many hard drives full of intel. Putin knows more about the US now than most politicians.

      Putin knows our intentions, strengths, and weaknesses.

  3. BayAreaCAMale says:

    This guy is our greatest American hero since Kennedy!

    I am more terrified of our own government than any outside terrorists or foreign enemies.

    • BayAreaCAMale says:

      I meant Snowden for anybody confused.

    • Lazarus98 says:

      Your right about the government, but Snowden a hero...? Anyone who didn't already understand that our government as well as most others are doing or trying to do the same things are just living with their heads in the sand.

      • GumbyDammit! says:

        He confirmed what was suspected,and then showed that what was suspected was only the tip of the iceberg.

      • netcrave says:

        It's obvious that this pseudo-argument doesn't hold up, because everyone who claimed as much only a few years ago, was laughed out of every room as a conspiracy theorist. If he was lucky. Ever heard of the term "tinfoil"-hat? That was the nicest thing anyone talking about this could hope for. Only thanks to Snowden's leaks this is a thing of the past now. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. There's also now a new debate whether this type of massive surveillance is really warranted - in the mainstream, not just among a few geeks who were always interested in this kind of stuff.
        It's anyone who hasn't noticed all THAT who still has their head in the sand...

    • mbutler305 says:

      move to Iraq or Russia and see if you still have that opinion

      • BayAreaCAMale says:

        First, F-Off with that "move to.." BS. This is the United States of America, I am a citizen of said country, and I can hold and speak any opinion I damn well feel like!

        Second, F-Off with that "in other countries" BS... This is the United States of American and we should not give a rats a$$ what happens on foreign soil unless it is a direct (not a hypothetical "said country could"...) threat to the USA.

        And last, why dont you and your Constitution hating ways make your way towards countries where a Bill of Rights does not exist? Even despite the fact that our country's politicians accuse others of human rights violations, these places have only a fraction of prisoners as the USA (China, Russia, India)

  4. GumbyDammit! says:

    Snowden is a hero and true patriot, and it's only a matter of a decade or two before he is generally recognized as such.

  5. mbutler305 says:

    were is black briar program and jason bourne when we need him,I do not advocate killing him but he still a traitor sir bendict arnold, I hope he stays in Russia maybe Putin will let him join his staff maybe they will become comrades or bro's no sympathy

  6. Slavic says:

    One year ago Snowden was a true hero, whistle-blower, public discloser of anti-democratic surveillance in the net. Now he is a despicable collaborator with Putin regime.

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